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Now in my life

It's 2024 and things are rolling! I have created a new show called "Discromatica". It is a theatre show where the actors are involved in a talk show, the band Sand Tracks plays between the acting. During the show the actors speak about many different subjects. This show is transmitted on air on a radio program at which transmits in DAB frequencies.

I have another music project, with Francesco Redig de Campos, which is called "The Surnames". We produce music for

Now I have just released a new track I've composed. There is Gianluca Bacconi on tarang and Paolo Camerini on bass.

I have also created a new music style, hypothetical music. 

The Sand Tracks group is formed by Robert James Hanrahan on guitar, Baltasar Mauro Tiberi on bass, and Alex Barberis on drums and percussions. They play music that evokes the desert and its sand, the whispering wind, and the solid rock. In the songs of the first album "The Spirit of the Desert", recorded in 2018 - in addition to a profound vocation for intuitive music and for the vitality of improvisation in which the relationship with the audience is fundamental - the sound experience is traced and accompanies each concert. A rock, country mix with delicately funk veins, with a psychedelic mood underneath the sound. It can be defined as “hypothetical music” "desert rock", traveling music, and inner notes on the road of imagination. It is the intuitive element, at the basis of the dialogue between the members of the group, that brings out the close relationship with the present moment, with the “here and now”. Alchemy of the present in dreamtime and awareness.


When a sensitive and acute listener encounters hypothetical music, he finds himself transported by something similar to synesthesia, to places crossed by the wind, bathed in rays of sunshine, and then beaten by the pouring rain. The songs become landscapes that dilate time, which is emotion, sometimes slowly, full of tension, others freer and snappier. The scores of the individual instruments chase each other, drawing inspiration and creating a field of strength among the members of the band without ever colliding. One has the perception that they follow a line of development based on improvisation, even if one soon realizes that the improvisational character fades into something more complex as if the music had to describe a previously established movement, a journey marked by the use of timbral effects typical of blues and jazz that fit together to evoke a strong psychedelic spirit. The album “hypothetical music” unwinds following a notion of circular musical time to give support, and seek a constant balance between the rhythmic and the melodic part, while dragging the listener into a kaleidoscope studded with colored crystals.









I have created a new music project called "Le onde" (The Waves)

It is a musical band with me on guitars, Alessandro Pignoloni on bass, Eleonora Virginia Hanrahan on vocals and harmonica, Andrés Arce Maldonado on sax.

Along with my daughter Eleonora Virginia Hanrahan we have released the song "Good morning little star" 


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I have just created the best playlist of guitar music videos:

I have just returned from a vacation to Friuli Venezia Giulia with my daughter!


The ever present moment is guided by the Holy Spirit. I feel so blessed to BE who I really AM.

There is a flow of abundance coming my way. There is still some error in perception, I will find the solution to that. 

As for projects, I am collaborating with Mauro Tiberi, Italian overtone singer.

I have just come back from a lovely trip to Spain (Santander --> Santiago --> Bilbao)

I am working as a life coach teaching Meditation and using techniques such as NLP and PSYCH-K.

I wake up at 5:00 AM to do my daily TM Meditation and Yoga.

I have discovered Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and I will soon go to his Dhyanalinga

I've started a low-carb diet. It works.

I'm teaching music in Rome. I am a very happy father.

I have a great relationship with Katia and our life is great. 

I love life and things are turning great for me. The Plan

Everything is working out for me. The Law of Attraction really works.

I am reading the following books:

This update was August 10th, 2018.

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